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What is a Unique Haute Couture Artist?

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Hello my name is Alexandria Gothe.           

     In 1985, I began to experiment with my fashion look in an effort to "frighten" off bullies that were tormenting me for being a bit "different."  I was a poor, and small girl for my age of fourteen which had made me a target for kids larger than myself. I noticed one day they feared the things that seemed larger and scarier then themselves so i began to dress in "larger than life" and "scary" ways myself.

     It actually worked and the bullies finally left me in peace. However, this discovery of fashion as an art form had taken root in my heart and while the bullies had gone, the desire to push fashion ideas to the hilt never has left me.

     Over the years, this trend in my fashion sense grew more outrageous as i mixed and matched alt/gothic/ and old fashioned styles and with a dark aesthetic thrown in for a bit of flair. On any given day I could decide to wear an old Victorian Dress or buckles and chains with safety pins holding the entire outfit together. I had also began to experiment with hair styles and make up often pushing the extremes with large messy hairstyles to mohawks with every type of make up style from the old Geisha look to painted on facial tattoos and everything in between.  The more extreme and mixed up the look the more I love it but always keeping to my belief that fashion is art, and art is mystery. My fashion grew from my need to have armor to protect me and to this very day it continues to provide both diversion from the monotony of life and it's own type of protection from those who would push for fashion conformity. 

     In February 2018, I began to model and publish in magazines as a "gothic model" as i demonstrated my own brand of unique haute couture. Then in July, 2018, I won the World Gothic Models Goth Queen beauty and styling contest and became an international model. I have many fans all over the world and to be honest twice as many haters. 

Today, I spend my time helping the Alt /gothic community with serious and overlooked social issues that each Alt/gothic person encounters everyday.  I manage several pages on facebook, Instagram and Youtube where I demonstrate my unique fashion style and offer safe place for people to be their own unique and beautiful selves without fear of reprisals.  So, please join me and embrace the Unique, the odd and the different, because DIFFERENT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!

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