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well guys i have always been a very shy person growing up living on a farm living in a trailer as well doesnt make a good combination for people on the oustide along with being left handed and glasses ohhhhhh the names they called me cruel names and it hurt i didnt consider myself very pretty or very good at doing much of anything. and it only made things much more worse it pushed me inward instead of outward so here i am already in the hospital for stress and a sohmore in high school. i pushed myself to overcome my difficulties and work on the things i didnt like about myself but my self confidence was crap. i absorbed information like a magnet took socialogy and pyshcology to understand why people treated me this way from there i just kept learning about myself and thing i could do and strived to do them better almost like a rub it in your face to those who tormented me all those years. being shy was the hardest for me been to psychologists to help myself overcome it it is still on some levels very hard to overcome and others a success.

life is a constant struggle of ups and downs good and bad choices and consciquences but you keep pushing on

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